While Forcier staff come from a diverse variety of backgrounds (think anthropologists to engineers), we all share a very real passion for the work we do. We're passionate about development, the places and people we work with, and most importantly - data. At Forcier, we look for "data nerds" - those that truly believe the best programs can only be accomplished with data in mind. We look for those that can handle tight deadlines with a calm demeanor, and work across seven time zones and a multitude of languages without losing their cool. We look for leaders and collaborators; teammates who see problems and voice solutions, and approach formatting a CV with the same gusto as leading a multi-national research project. We look for people, and we hope you'll share with us what makes you, you.

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Job Opportunities

Full timeDirector of Research4-5 years06/26/2020Regional Office
Full timeResearch Officer1-3 years06/24/2020Regional Office
Full timeDeputy Team Leader5+ years06/26/202007/15/2020JubaSouth Sudan